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International Movie Screenings in Samara

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Once each year we get a special visitor who brings us books in many languages and screens international films.  This week we’ve had the pleasure to have Diego Lasso and his book fair and movie nights.  Sámara has many great things, but a movie theater and bookstore are not amongst them.  If you’re lucky enough to visit while Diego’s in town, you’ll have a chance to browse some classics written in various languages and see some award winning movies from all over the world.  This year we’ve seen movies from Bulgaria, Mexico, France an

New year, new ideas!

Learn Spanish in 2013

New in 2013 at Sámara Language School is our “Juramento Lingüístico” or “Spanish Only Pledge”. Read more »

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas in Costa Rica

 From everyone at Intercultura and Samara Language school, we wish everyone happy holidays!  It's a busy time of year in Costa Rica as families make tamales and participate in other Tico Christmas traditions. Read more »

Hungry in Samara?

Typical Costa Rican Food

While most menus in Costa Rica have been (loosely and somewhat humorously) translated into English, you still might need a little more help to make an informed order. When you see that a local restaurant or “soda” offers “Typical Food,” that means they likely serve, among other things, gallo pinto, casados, ceviche, patacones and batidos. Read more »

Small Town, Big Night Out

Nightlife in Samara Beach Costa Rica

I’m from New York, “the city that never sleeps”, so whenever I’ve traveled I’ve often been surprised at the all-too-early sound of the “last call” bell in bars worldwide.  Not in Playa Sámara. 
Read more »

It's summertime in Costa Rica

Summer in Costa Rica

 Are you looking forward to chilly, snowy days?  Or would you like to escape to summertime in Costa Rica?  Summer has officially been announced in Sámara with daily highs in the mid-to-upper 80's.  Today is the day to book a Spanish language learning vacation!  We're now accepting enrollment for January and beyond.  Sign up today! Read more »

Have your umbrella?

Rainy season in Costa Rica
If you're in Samara during the months of September and October, bring your sense of adventure and a good umbrella. Typically, mornings are pleasant and sunny with rains starting mid-morning or in the afternoon. Rains are frequent in the evenings and through the night.

Looking forward to the winter? Or do you need to escape?

If you need a good reason to escape to the tropics, you can always learn Spanish on the beach in Costa Rica.  Our school is located right on the beach so on your breaks and in your free time you can relax in a hammock, eat a traditional snow cone on the beach, try out your best surfing moves and improve your language skills. 

Click here to check out our latest video of our beach campus!

All shook up! After the earthquake in Sámara

Costa Rica earthquake

A 7.6 earthquake shook the Spanish School in Samara Beach yesterday morning.  Immediately all students were evacuated and taken to a high location 5 miles outside of Samara.  Thankfully, all students, teachers and staff are safe and back at work today.  In spite of some significant aftershocks, everything is getting back to normal. Read more »

Are you a good language learner?

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica



As you plan your study abroad to immerse yourself in Spanish, make sure your experience will be a success.  Language researchers have compiled fourteen traits that the most successful language learners have in common.


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