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Celebrate! It's July 25th!

Language School Costa RicaToday Ticos celebrate the Annexation of Guanacaste to Costa Rica in 1824.  The entire province of Guanacaste participates in local celebrations, parades, typical food preparation, dances and in some areas, there are bull fights.  For information about the "fiestas" in Nicoya, please click here.< Weiterlesen »

Spanish for Teachers - CU Colorado

Spanish programs for teachers, Samara Beach Costa Rica

Colorado University at Denver chooses Intercultura’s Sámara Campus for a new Academic Credit Program for Teachers. Teachers will focus on situations, grammar and role-plays specific to education situations. As Program founder Margarita Bianco points out: “The student demographics of US public schools is rapidly changing. Consider this: Weiterlesen »

Samara regains the Ecological Blue Flag

Costa Rica Spanish School

The Blue Flag is once again flying over Samara Beach.  Through the dedicated work of Casatur, the beach has been recognized as one of the cleanest beaches in all of Costa Rica.  For further information, please click here.

Hungry in Samara?

Typical Costa Rican Food

While most menus in Costa Rica have been (loosely and somewhat humorously) translated into English, you still might need a little more help to make an informed order. When you see that a local restaurant or “soda” offers “Typical Food,” that means they likely serve, among other things, gallo pinto, casados, ceviche, patacones and batidos. Weiterlesen »

Halloween Crabs in May - the Green Season has arrived!

Green Season in Samara Costa Rica

Green Season has arrived and the countryside of Sámara, Guanacaste springs back into life. Weiterlesen »

Language learning for the tech-savvy (and not-so-savvy)

Spanish Language Learning Apps

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, there's a language learning app for you.  It's an easy and convenient way to brush up on your Spanish before you arrive for classes or to continue practicing Spanish once you return home.  At Samara Language School, we believe firmly in the value of language immersion and using apps on your smartphone allows you to remain connected to the sounds and patterns of a new language.  The New York Times recently reviewed the best language learning ap Weiterlesen »

Erfahrungsbericht - Sprachkurs und Meeresschildkröten

Mein Aufenthalt in Costa Rica, 10.01.2014-10.02.2014 Weiterlesen »

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica's Rainy Season

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica's Rainy Season

The low season, or winter in Costa Rica has been dubbed the “Green Season” by the tourism industry because that makes a better first impression than "rainy".  Veteran Costa Rica travelers know that this time of year doesn't need a special moniker to make it appealing; hotel prices are halved, crowds are gone, and while the rain forested slopes of the mountains may be getting drenched, perfect sunny days at the beach are the norm. Weiterlesen »

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas in Costa Rica

 From everyone at Intercultura and Samara Language school, we wish everyone happy holidays!  It's a busy time of year in Costa Rica as families make tamales and participate in other Tico Christmas traditions. Weiterlesen »

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