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Halloween Crabs in May - the Green Season has arrived!

Green Season in Samara Costa Rica

Green Season has arrived and the countryside of Sámara, Guanacaste springs back into life. Weiterlesen »

Erfahrungsbericht - Sprachkurs und Meeresschildkröten

Mein Aufenthalt in Costa Rica, 10.01.2014-10.02.2014 Weiterlesen »

Language learning for the tech-savvy (and not-so-savvy)

Spanish Language Learning Apps

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, there's a language learning app for you.  It's an easy and convenient way to brush up on your Spanish before you arrive for classes or to continue practicing Spanish once you return home.  At Samara Language School, we believe firmly in the value of language immersion and using apps on your smartphone allows you to remain connected to the sounds and patterns of a new language.  The New York Times recently reviewed the best language learning ap Weiterlesen »

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas in Costa Rica

 From everyone at Intercultura and Samara Language school, we wish everyone happy holidays!  It's a busy time of year in Costa Rica as families make tamales and participate in other Tico Christmas traditions. Weiterlesen »

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica's Rainy Season

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica's Rainy Season

The low season, or winter in Costa Rica has been dubbed the “Green Season” by the tourism industry because that makes a better first impression than "rainy".  Veteran Costa Rica travelers know that this time of year doesn't need a special moniker to make it appealing; hotel prices are halved, crowds are gone, and while the rain forested slopes of the mountains may be getting drenched, perfect sunny days at the beach are the norm. Weiterlesen »

CREAR revamping Sámara’s EBAIS public health clinic with Duke & Vanderbilt Universities

CREAR non-profit association hosted by Intercultura Samara Language School

In 2005, the non-profit CREAR association began offering free supplemental education to local youth in the areas of technology, the environment, English, art and music. Weiterlesen »

Get to know Samara

See the latest footage of the best beach to study Spanish in Costa Rica!


Surfing Costa Rica - combined with Spanish classes on the beach

Spanish classes and surfing samara beach costa Rica

Want to travel during your upcoming semester break in Central America? Looking for some good low season deals on the beach for August, September or October?

How about Spanish Immersion classes combined with personalized surf lessons right on the beach in Costa Rica? Intercultura Spanish School in Samara Beach offers 10% off their Spanish and Surf packages during the green season months August till November, 2014. Weiterlesen »

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