Join us! Student Activities the week of January 16

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Participate in our student activities and get to know the Spanish teachers, local Ticos and practice your Spanish.  Each day we have something for everyone and the activities are free of charge for Spanish students!  Sign up in reception y disfrute!

Tuesday, January 17

3pm or 5pm: clase de artesania (local crafts class)

5pm: Latin Dance--learn to dance like a pro with Karol!

6pm: Zumba--keep up with CJ and you can have another "boca" after classes

Wednesday, January 18

10am or 2pm: El secreto de tus ojos--a film about a writer in Argentina.  Nominated for an Academy award.

5pm: Latin Dance

5pm: Conversation class

6pm: Yoga


Thursday, January 19

8am or 3pm: Bike tour of local area

5pm: Latin Dance

6pm: Yoga

Friday, January 20

2pm: Doña Barbara: Spanish movie

3pm: hike to a hidden beach

4pm: yoga