Sámara Beach, Costa Rica

 Spanish School in Costa Rica
Sámara Spanish Language School is located in Playa Sámara, directly on the beach in beautiful beachfront facilities. Spanish courses are given in modern, air-conditioned rooms, all with a view of the ocean, providing an ideal spot for learning Spanish at the beach. Each classroom is equipped with AC, standard audio equipment, whiteboard, and a large communal study space, encouraging dynamic activities and easy participation. The beach provides an ideal break from the midday heat or for a quick swim during your break. Sometimes our Spanish teachers take students outside the facilities to hold a conversation hour in our rancho, the tropical gardens, or on the beach under the shade of a palm tree. Ecological trips, community interviews and other activities help students practice Spanish "en vivo" with local Costa Ricans.

Spanish School Costa RicaOur school facilities include a large open-air rancho used for dance classes, yoga classes and other activities; a stage for performances, community activities and cultural events; a kitchen for student use; lounges, gardens, open-air classroom study areas, hammocks, and the reception and tour services desk. Take a video tour of the school here.  Nearby restaurants and open air cafés and bars provide ample places to relax and chat with friends, drink coffee or try the delicious local tropical fruit shakes.  To view a map of Sámara, click here.

If you are interested in taking classes at our city campus in Heredia, please click here!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is situated on the narrow Central American isthmus directly north of Panama, with the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific to the west.  Intercultura has two Spanish schools in Costa Rica, one in the colonial city of Heredia, founded in 1993, and the other on beautiful Sámara beach that opened in 2001. Each campus and area has a  distinctive flavour, giving students the chance to experience Costa Rica from two very different perspectives.