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Leah Fisher, 70

California, USA

ADVANCED  Read more »

Allison Cumberbirch, 56

United Kingdom

Hi there - I came back to the UK from Samara at the weekend and just wanted to send you my comments about my stay... Anyway I wanted to say that the classes were fantastic and I learned more than I could have hoped for. Read more »

Katharina Wasser, 25, Germany

In dem Studentenhandbuch, das jeder bei Ankunft (in Deutsch verfügbar) erhält, heißt es, man solle sich aufgrund der vollkommen anderen Kultur auf einen wahrscheinlichen Kulturschock einstellen und darauf, dass auf die euphorische Phase zu Beginn Frust, Heimweh und ähnliches folgen. Nach nun 1,5 Monaten hier befinde ich mich nach wie vor in der Euphoriephase. Und egal, wen man fragt, es geht allen so – auch nach 2 Monaten. Read more »

Arpad Hasnos, 32

Engineering and IT

In September 2012 I've signed up for 4 weeks of Spanish classes at Intercultura, first 2 weeks in Heredia and then 2 weeks in Samara. I had a great time, both in the classes and living with the homestay families. I think the 2 campuses are relatively similar, both with skilled teachers and attentive staff, but the surroundings are quite different (urban vs. the beach). For that reason I'm happy I chose to experience both of these places. As for the language course itself, even though interesting and fun, I wouldn't exactly call it laid-back. Read more »

Lesley Sarver, 29

Virginia, USA
Our trip to Costa Rica was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and in the lives of the students I led. The town of Samara opened their homes and their hearts to us. We really got to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer. The excursions were top notch and the food exquisite. Our coordinator, Lucie, was amazing. She went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable. She was flexible with our schedule and was willing to move things around to accommodate us.

Keith Thomas, 51


When someone asks me about my experience at Intercultura, it really is difficult to explain. That is because the experience is more than just learning Spanish. It is a cultural experience, a learning experience and an adventure all coupled together. The more you learn the language and culture while being adventurous, the sweeter the experience. I would encourage everyone try this experience. It will change your perspective on life.

Franziska Meierhofer, 21

Zurich, Switzerland

“In November 2008, I started volunteering at Intercultura as the German-speaking administrative assistant. Out of curiosity (and in order to improve my Spanish) I decided after a short while to start attending classes. I enjoyed the intensive school days that were always exciting and included a variety of learning methods in addition to the basics: Latin American movies, a lot of conversation, topic-relevant vocabulary and – of course – all the additional activities offered by the school and held in Spanish, like Yoga and Tae Bo. Read more »


Spanish Teacher
ACIS Ausherman Group Leader, USA
"Maria Fernanda was outstanding as the class professor. I really like how she led the discussions, shared personal examples and her experiences.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and a wonderful personality. I expected to have good conversations here in spanish, however, I didn t expect to have such profound discussions on life and love and relationships.  This was such a wonderful clase and topic.  I was able to reflect on my Spanish gr

Anneke Seelig, 23

English Teacher

Oh, I wish! I think of Costa Rica all the time still. Some time I will come back...I am in the Dominican Republic right now, teaching English. I love it, because it is a really rewarding experience, but Costa Rica has the special place in my little heart. Plus, I wont be able to see sea turtles here.
I really hope you are all well and things are as wonderful as always. What a special place for so many people round the world.

Anneke from Germany

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