Academic Credit

Spanish Language Courses in Costa Rica offer academic credit

Intercultura and Sámara Language School offer academic credit options for language courses through several study abroad programs for groups, such as those run by the University of Washington, Montana State University, UNC, Duke University (program with Organization for Tropical Studies), Austin College, Flagler College, College de Maisonneuve and others.

If you are travelling on your own, many universities will also grant direct credit provided you make plans in advance. If you let us know your plans we will send you curriculum descriptions and other necessary information so that you can meet with the department head and set up the program before you arrive, according to your university's guidelines. This type of direct credit is the most economical option, and we are happy to provide any necessary information to help you do this. At the end of your Spanish studies we will also provide, upon request, a detailed transcript of your language coursework for you to take back to your host institution. There is a $10 processing fee for direct credit students.

If you prefer, you may also apply for Transfer Credit for an additional fee through one of our associated U.S. universities (see contact info at end of this page). Students taking at least 3 weeks of group classes at Intercultura are eligible to receive 3 academic transfer credits, and those taking 5 weeks may receive 6 credits. Up to 17 transfer credit hours are available for a full semester-abroad. Students must cover the additional fees due directly to the university.

Frequently Asked Questions from Students


  • Question: What are the advantages of getting transfer credit from an accredited U.S. university?
  • Answer: Colleges and universities often grant transfer credit more easily for grades received on an official transcript from an accredited U.S. university.



  • Question: Would there ever be a reason why my college or university would not accept transfer credits from an accredited U.S. university?
  • Answer: The requirements for receiving transfer credit vary among colleges and universities. Often, transfer credit that cannot be granted to fulfill major or minor requirements can be granted to fulfill elective and total number of hour requirements. Students should consult their academic advisor for assistance. Students should not seek transfer credit for a class that they have already taken or that is similar in content. For example, if you took a Beginning Spanish I course at your college or university, you likely cannot receive transfer credit for Elementary Spanish I.  We strongly recommend getting approval for your studies before you arrive.



  • Question: How soon will my university or college receive my grades?
  • Answer: An official transcript is sent to the college or university office that is designated by the student 4-6 weeks after the close of the academic session.  



  • Question: For what courses am I able to receive transfer credit?
  • Answer: You may receive credit for the following courses: 
    • UDLS 111 F1 Elementary Spanish I
    • UDLS 112 F1 Elementary Spanish II
    • UDLS 211 F1 Intermediate Spanish I
    • UDLS 212 F1 Intermediate Spanish II
    • UDLS 359 F1 Spanish for Business Transactions
    • UDLS 359 F2 Survey of Latin American Lit
    • UDLS 359 F3 Survey of Spanish Literature 


For assistance with securing university transfer credit for your Spanish language course work abroad, please contact:

MAP for Study Abroad
Office of Special Programs
Brookhaven College


Professor Steve Tash
Seattle Central Community College
100 and 200-level Spanish courses:
Cooperative Education (Internships) and Service-Learning
Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway, BE1103
Seattle, WA 98122
Tel:: 206.587.5422 Fax: 206.287.5529