Structure of Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Our Spanish classes are designed for more effective teaching and learning of the Spanish language. We offer immersion programs with small classes and different levels which enhances the learning process.

Class size

Classes are held for 4 hours per day, and have a maximum of 6 students, with an average of 3-4 (except during high season, with averages of 4-6). Classes containing only 1 student may be reduced to 3 hours per day instead of 4. Exceptions may apply for academic credit candidates, and/or at the discretion of the program director.


Levels in the Spanish Program

Our core Spanish program consists of twelve different levels, from complete beginner through advanced. After completion, students continue with six additional levels of high-advanced to superior level Spanish, which build upon the materials used in lower levels and intensify work towards full proficiency in the various areas of language acquisition. The advanced Spanish courses include complex field projects, literature, current events, linguistics, regional language usages and Latin American cultural and socio-historical themes. In addition, we have specialized courses for those who wish to study specific topics such as business, medical or media Spanish.


Communicative Method

Our Spanish program uses immersion teaching methods centered around the Communicative Approach. Our goal is to enable students learning Spanish to truly express themselves. Instead of a traditional grammar program, classes are designed to provide balance between theory and practice. The course incorporates all aspects of language acquisition: conversation, grammar, reading, listening, writing, general comprehension and idiomatic expressions. In addition to formal textbooks, we use a wide variety of current materials: newspapers, literature, internet, CDs, videos, advertisements, music, short stories and more. Classes also incorporate field-trips and out-of-class learning experiences by taking students to practice their Spanish in supermarkets, the beach, buses, restaurants, and other areas where practice is a necessity. Classes are interesting as well as educational!  To find out more about the communicative approach and how we employ it in the classroom, please click here.